Hornady 190 Grain Sub-X loads

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Hornady 190 Grain Sub-X loads

Post by 76Raider »

I installed a 16" WILSON COMBAT barrel in 300 BLK on one of my DD M4V7 rifles. Further installed a SLR Rifleworks/Wilson Combat adjustable gas block. Loaded up some new Hornady brass with 190 grain Sub-X bullets in front of 12.0 grains CFE BLK (measured to the nearest thousandth of a grain) and went to the range. Ten shots yielded a mean muzzle velocity of 1068 fps with a SD of 11.1. I adjusted the gas block until the bolt locks and the accuracy is very good. Only problem is that the rounds don't feed reliably but I think that is just a problem with the Sub-X bullets (using a PMAG 300 BLK magazine). Gonna work up some loads with Sierra 220 grain HPBT and see how that works. Fun stuff!
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Re: Hornady 190 Grain Sub-X loads

Post by blaster »

try seating the bullets at different lengths. the 190 Sub x bullets function fine out of my rifles & pistol. I seat them on the cannelure but your weapon might like it somewhere else.
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Re: Hornady 190 Grain Sub-X loads

Post by Roadrunner1969 »

I had problems also with Pmags. A Lancer mag solved my problem.
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Re: Hornady 190 Grain Sub-X loads

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I second both comments with the minor difference of Duramags. I'm having great luck with both supers and subs with duramags. My COL is 2.06 with 13gr. Keeps me 1050-1065fps out of a triarch 8.3" and maxim defense pdw brace.
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