Adapter, Dillon case feeder to Lee App press (300BLK)

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Adapter, Dillon case feeder to Lee App press (300BLK)

Post by Netpackrat » Tue Jul 20, 2021 11:52 pm

Offering a part that I made on my lathe to speed the case prep process. After acquiring an XL750 progressive press and a power forming/trimming setup, one of the remaining bottlenecks in my conversion process was primer pocket swaging. Long story short, my solution was to get a Lee App press which is a single stage press with primer pocket swaging capabilty, auto feed, and auto eject. Only issue is you still have to fill the feed tube one at a time, so by itself it isn't a huge time savings over the RCBS bench swager I had been using.

So, I bought some delrin and designed a little adapter to feed the Lee press from the XL750's electric case feeder. Turned it out on my lathe and following successful testing, I made a handful more while the lathe was still set up for it, because why not?

The way it works, is I mount the APP press on the bench next to the Dillon, and I connect the two using a piece of 3/4" OD x 1/16" wall thickness clear plastic tubing, formed into a gentle "S" curve with the aid of a heat gun. Fill the case feeder, and pump the handle to quickly swage primer pockets, and they are automatically ejected into a bin.

I am asking $30 each for the delrin adapter, which will include shipping to US addresses. Purchaser will need to supply their own 3/4" x 1/16" wall tubing (Amazon, Grainger, Ebay, etc) and bend it to suit. I will not supply the tubing because your mounting situation will be different from mine, so this should be considered a DIY project, although I have done the difficult part by making the adapter.

Depending on demand it is possible I would be interested in making more, but assume that the 5 I have available now are all there will be. It's also possible that the adapters might work with other cases that use the same feed configuration on the APP press (it comes with parts for other case head sizes), but I have not tested it with any cartridge besides 300BLK.

If you want one, I will take Paypal or US Postal money order (please PM for info).




Crappy cell phone video of test:

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