30-30 171 grain soft points.

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30-30 171 grain soft points.

Post by Mikestebs » Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:08 am

Good morning fellas, I was wondering if anyone had any experience loading 30-30 soft points for 300 BO,
I have a plethora of projectiles specifically 171 grain soft points( maker unknown) I have heard they don’t cycle well in the AR platform, never the less I was going to try and make it work.

My platform is 16” barrel 1-8 twist, I was going to put 15 grains of h110 behind it. The thing I’m unsure about is COAL for this round, it’s a very short projectile. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Again I’m just trying to create some target rounds to make use of some of these projos. Thanks!

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Re: 30-30 171 grain soft points.

Post by dellet » Sun Jul 18, 2021 7:00 pm

Without knowing the exact bullet, it’s hard to say. But in general 30-30 bullets need to be loaded very short, and start well below max charge for butler weight.

I would start with the bullet about .020” off the lands, or the base of the bullet even with the base of the neck, whichever is longest.

Depending on your seated depth, how much bullet in the case will determine powder charge. Most likely at 15 grains, you will be very close if not over max. I wouldn’t start there.

In general that type of bullet profile cycles best at a shorter than normal for bullet weight length, but because of the nose profile, you can’t load that long anyway.

If you provide overall length that hits the lands, and bullet length, more help might be available.
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