Shaw barrels

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Shaw barrels

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How accurate are the Shaw barrels? I am seeing them in several uppers and I am curious about them.
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Re: Shaw barrels

Post by Klondike »

Mine is good. I have a strikefire red dot with a 2X magnifier and I group up at 50 yards quite well. The Right to Bear and PNW ammo are what I use. Shoots well.
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Re: Shaw barrels

Post by Hog+ »

Old post but the data on the Shaw barrels is still valid. All of my uppers shoot sub 1/2 inch at 100, I own several, including 223s, 6.5, 6.8 and a 300. But if you just want to know about the barrels in general, I built a sporter Argentine Mauser 98, 7mm Rem Mag using a Shaw for a friend that helped me after hurricane Ivan and refused money. The break-in group, he shot at 100 yards in front of six people, with a Sierra 140gr was 3 shots, .096 with 5 shots into .198. That was a medium sporter barrel in one of my Ex grade Claro Walnut thumb hole stocks.
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Shaw barrels

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But you are correct in trying other barrels and seeing for yourself. I still say GM is the best bang for your buck barrel out there.
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Re: Shaw barrels

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Reloading info shared is based on experiences w/ my guns. Be safe and work up your loads from published data. Web data may not be accurate/safe.
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