Travor X95 in 300 BLK

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Travor X95 in 300 BLK

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Well I got one! Just set it up (brand new for 'only' $1170!

Tavor cleaned and ready to go. Turns out I don't think it has ever been shot. I can't find any soot or dirt in it!! Bolt was in mint shape. Barrel had no carbon in it.

Now it is a bit tricky to get the trigger group out. The trap door, if you let it, will out if you turn the gun upside down... don't do that! Bit of effort to get the door's hook to set right.

Also leave the trigger group cocked. Do not uncock it before pulling the pins. Made to be in cocked before disassembly (and reassembly.)

Gas regulator was already set for 'super', that is supersonic loads. I think the subsonic setting allows more gas in to cycle it (lower pressure loads??)

Gonna load M1 Carbine 110 FMJ for practice (have about 800 of 'em left!). Load 'em light so I can get the feel of the gun then used the 120 grain Soft points I have loaded for my AR pistol.

Decided to dedicate my 10 and 20 round PM mags for 300 blk. 30s will be for my 5.56 ARs.

Now does anyone here reload for a Travor x95 Blk? Looking to see how it works out for others.

I'll shoot it Monday. I have a 300 blk AR pistol so I am using 120gr SP with 296 powder for now.
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