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Savage Love

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I’ve been sort of kicking around the idea of an inexpensive bolt gun in 300 BLK at some point. I put hands on a Savage Axis II today. Accuracy is well reported, and the price was simply unbeatable. I had read about the bolt lift issues and I thought the Axis II line had somewhat addressed that problem, but wow, that was a real shock. I’ve been a long-time fan of CRF Mauser actions starting with Husqvarnas and then later classic model 70’s so probably a bit jaded, but not sure I could get used to that. I was admittedly soft running the action, but wow. I know there are some fix kits out there, but reported improvements seem mixed. Are any of you running the Axis II and is that something you have been able to fix or have you just grown used to it?

There was also some talk of ejection/extraction issues with the early Axis models. Is that a remaining issue with the Axis II? I really want to love that gun, especially at that price, but I’m thinking a 700 SPS might be a better option even if it is twice the cost.
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