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Re: RARR FTF 2023

Post by Augenblick »

I'm loading 125 gr bullets. Going light with 17 gr. Of cfeblk so hopefully that will be enough.

I got around to checking my 190 gr sub-x loads with 8.7 gr AA#9 and they fireformed to chamber length. So I don't have to do those.
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Re: RARR FTF 2023

Post by 30plinker »

I just checked a handy fired factory case and it is 93gr, including the spent primer (S&B headstamp). 15%+ case capacity difference is a pretty big deal

I would get some new brass and be done with it... and on that note, while chopping and forming your own cases from range pickup once fired 223 is cool and all, it is a time sink and PITA and costs in equipment, etc. Plenty of once fired factory headstamped brass for sale on various forums, etc. for cheap too you can buy 500+ for less than the cost of a saw and a jig.
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