Random used parts and a couple of barrels

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Random used parts and a couple of barrels

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Ar15 223 Wylde 20" Fluted Bull barrel shoots great just wanted a lighter barrel for my coyote setup, this barrel loves 69gr SMKs and RMR BTHPs about 500-600 rounds through it. 100.00 shipped OBO

Ar15 300BLK 16" Hbar This barrel shoots good, i just took it off and went to an SBR. 75.00 shipped SPF

3 posion buffer tube and stock, carbine length drop in handguard, B-Square drop in handguard 3 rail adapter, extruded upper, 3 pistol grips, scope mount, 2 different muzzle devices a mossberg 500 saddle rail all for 55.00

Ruger American Ranch 7.62x39 Mini 14 style magazine and mag well. 25.00 shipped OBO

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