FFL Fail, can anyone relate?

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FFL Fail, can anyone relate?

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May, 2022. Im browsing through some cans at my closest FFL which is about 55 minutes away, its a typical Texas FFL you could say.. DIY kits were all of labeled firearms per someones opinion and Form 1's were being denied. I was actually seeing what i considered to be entrapment from the alphabet boys. So as any law abiding patriot i chose to comply. The dealer tells me all about how kick ass the new "revived" E-file system was.. looking like 4-6 month turnaround for form-4s. My trusty Sig M400 chambered in 300BLK and I rush back the next day to barter, i end up leaving my rifle and an additional $400 for the difference and the tax stamp charge. FFL and I complete the form-4 and e-file.

May, 2023. Concerned its now been 12-months and no word from either FFL/ATF so, i call the dealer to see if there was any contact and/or information on the status.. They do admit its odd as they were receiving approvals for other applicants who had E-filed after me. I left assured they would be reaching out on my behalf and i trusted this was just business as usual, eager no doubt. The very next night, i forget if it was 22:00 - 23:00 CST i received a notification from Capital One. I was looking at a charge for $200 from the BATFE.. I didnt understand, was i finally approved just double charged?

The next day i contact the proper individuals as instructed from the ATF's portal. I was told, "No, you are not approved. The application has just changed status, expect about 9 to 11-month lead time as it sounds like your FFL just forgot to submit this one. since we just now got it."

Bewildered and quite concerned i call the FFL and was finessed into accepting everything was nominal and these things happen, they advised everything was submitted accordingly and there was nothing to be concerned about. I never addressed being double charged for the tax stamp since, i couldn't locate a receipt from the year prior and on top of giving them my AR + $400 i had also purchased a $419 flashlight so providing them bank statements was not sufficient since the charges reflected were not itemized for objective evidence.

Its going on 15-months now no word on my terrible investment.. To be fair, i have no idea who may be at fault. I feel responsible myself but dont see any resolution possible, "Has anyone ever heard or experienced anything similar and if so, any advice?"

Any input would be most appreciated, thanks in advance!
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