Bad Ammo - AMMO Inc

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Bad Ammo - AMMO Inc

Post by triehl27 »

This morning I had a case failure with the first round of AMMO Inc Black Box 150grn FMJ Batch# 8918.

Overpressure blew the primer out in my Ruger Ranch. Bolt locked up, gas still came back and peppered the right side of my face, ear.

Case the bottom 1/8 was bulged way out. Had to pry open the bolt. Rim bent and gouged, primer grime everywhere.

Had another 59rnds that I won't be firing.

Contacted AMMO Inc, they say they will contact me in the future with the QC dept.

Really Really glad that I was shooting a 300Blk, and that I was shooting it in a bolt action. I would have been really really concerned if it had been an AR.

Had already fire 30rnds of Hornady and Winchester FMJ and some reloads of my own. Firearm has been checked, headspaced, and cleaned, and it fully functional after cleaning
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Re: Bad Ammo - AMMO Inc

Post by knj300blk »

Wow, that sucks. I am shooting Ammo inc. 220 grs 300blk in my AR. Funny thing is they are the only subs cycling at the moment. I cont credit Ammo inc. for that, since the reason why they are cycling for me may be a problem for others. 200grs Sellier and Bellot did not cycle which tells me they probably have less powder.
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