MK114 finally... a M4 that I really like - Thanks PWS

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MK114 finally... a M4 that I really like - Thanks PWS

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Hello to all, Since decades ago I have been working with different forms of AR15 and then M4 platforms.I have worked and/or owned most platforms our there and the G36 and SCAR and AK too. I always felt that there was room for improvement on all of them and, even on those that worked reliably and were precise, my list for opgrades was always long.
Just by chance , because of a work assignement I ended up working with a MK114 in 223Wylde and I am really happy because it is in my humble opinion the pinnacle of AR15, with just a mod needed. A new set of trigger springs. The sear engagement is fine is fine but it came with a crisp but hard military pull trigger that needed lightening. After 10 min and 10 bucks it is basically as perfect as a M4 could be.
Thanks PWS
Ultra reliable, very accurate, nice vibration on the rear tube ( this is absolutelly subjective) and postive extration.... and works with or without cans.... WOW
Now the problem is that i need to find a way to convince them to make a AR10 in 6.5creed....
maybe in 2023?
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