New 300 Blackout possible problem

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New 300 Blackout possible problem

Post by Buddy007 »

I shot about 30 shots out of my new build. The BCG got stuck about 1/4 inch. Had to use a piece of rubber and a hammer to force the bolt back. The inside of the barrel tube has some marks/possible damage. The bullet that came out has a bullet head that is about 3 mm out of the casing. Any thoughts on what happened? Still safe to shoot?
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Re: New 300 Blackout possible problem

Post by 20X11 »

By "barrel tube", do you mean the chamber, or the upper receiver where the BCG rides?

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Re: New 300 Blackout possible problem

Post by BJK »

I'm guessing you're new to firearms. When you write "the bullet that came out", do you mean the cartridge aka a round? And the bullet head, could that be the projectile aka the actual bullet?

Maybe this drawing of the parts of a cartridge will help get us all on the same page. OK, forget what you've learned about "bullets" from hellyweird movies and TV shows; they always get it wrong. The bullet is only the projectile at the very end, the entire assembly is not called a bullet but a cartridge, round, ammo, ammunition and maybe some other names I can't think of.

Hmm, that 1st link was a fraud. I'll try again. Yeah, that's better. ... nition.jpg

If I understand what you're trying to say, I need to ask where did you get the ammo? If there was a pop maybe the round had no powder just a primer, but it could have driven the bullet further into the bore, but maybe not. Was it a reload that you were given? Factory ammo can produce squibs, but it's not common. A squib would account for the BCG getting stuck since the bullet was in the rifling and the case. Or so I assume since we're speaking 2 different languages until you learn the terminology and tell us what we need.

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Re: New 300 Blackout possible problem

Post by blaster »

I have had a problem that sounds similar to yours where the bolt on an AR 15 not closing all the way and when I try to eject it, it is stuck. sometimes after forcibly ejecting it the bullet will be pulled slightly out of the case and looks dinged up. usually this happens when I am working up subsonic loads with heavy & long bullets. the cause is the bullet is seated too far out in the case and is jamming into the rifling. because the cartridge is too long, the bolt won't close all the way and it sticks because the soft lead is jammed into the rifling. are you using factory ammo or reloads?
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