Using obsolete Win 680 powder.

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Using obsolete Win 680 powder.

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Years ago and I mean years ago I bought 10 lbs. of Win 680 powder from a local gun shop because it was no longer being made. Got a great price for it, like $8.00 a can. Was using it for my .30 Herrett. Worked really well. The other day as I was sitting in my reloading room I started looking at some of my old reloading manuals that listed Win 680. It was only 2 behind Accurate 1680 in burn rate, so I thought being as powder is so hard to get why not try this in my 300 blk out. It worked great. 15.4 grs. and it shot some very tight groups with a Hornady 150.0 yr. SP. Cycled great too, no pressure signs. Why not. Now I can load some rounds up and shoot plus get rid of some old powder. I don't shoot the .30 Herrett much anymore.
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Re: Using obsolete Win 680 powder.

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680 runs about 25 fps faster then 1680
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Re: Using obsolete Win 680 powder.

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I use to use 680 in a 30H at one time too but sold the barrel.

They stopped making 680 for a reason, IIRC it was due to pressure fluctuations. QuickLoad doesn't even show it.

I still had a lb from back in the early 90's and thought I'd try it out in my 300BLK. I got mixed pressure signs from primer's, my BKG key shot loose and I started to get gas blowback in my face from where the gas tube goes into the gas block.

Not saying that the 680 caused it but I haven't had any of those problems since I turned the lb of 680 into fertilizer and used 1680.
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