What is your favorite barrel?

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Re: What is your favorite barrel?

Post by tfbit »

Both of my Daniel Defense 16" 5.56 barrels easily shoot under MOA. Like them because they are CHF and have factory pinned gas blocks. They are 1:7 and I have both a carbine and a mid length gas barrel. As someone else mentioned a 77gr SMK Mk262 clone load is a very good round.

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Re: What is your favorite barrel?

Post by arstoner »

Faxon Gunner profile, either 5.56 or Wylde, which ever floats yer boat. Same with barrel length. HTH 8)
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Re: What is your favorite barrel?

Post by maine_jack »

For my higher end builds I like Faxon and Ballistic Advantage so far, but I bought them by reputation, I haven't tried most of the other higher end brands. My 6 ARC has a BA 20" SS Performance Series barrel with a 7.5 twist. I think they consider it a DMR profile, I know it weighs about 3 pounds stripped. It shoots better than I can.

I also built a defense AR using a 16" SS match grade Faxon Pencil profile barrel in 223 Wylde with a 7 twist and 5R rifling which I'm currently breaking in. I would have bought a Gunner profile barrel but I got a a very nice discount on the Pencil barrel and I wanted very light weight. Most people get sub MOA but some don't. I haven't shot it much but groups just over MOA so far. I hope this helps.
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Re: What is your favorite barrel?

Post by excess650 »

I shoot a lot of powder coated cast bullets, so was looking for a 9 twist. A friend's gunsmith had a 20" SS DPMS DMR (?) with 9 twist and chambered 5.56. I bought it and have just been thrilled to see how well it does, typically sub 1.5moa at 200 yards. This one won't see a jacketed bullet.

I've since bought a 16" Faxon heavy fluted match barrel, 8 twist 223 Wylde, 5R, nitrided, mid length gas specifically for shooting jacketed. Its about the same weight as the stupid M4 profile, but doesn't heat up nearly as quickly. With more beef towards the chamber, it balances differently as well.

For the guy who thinks 223, 223 Wylde, and 5,56 are all the same, I can tell you they most definitely are not. 223 has a short, tight throat, 223 Wylde has a long throat, looser than 223, but not as loose as 556. My 223 boltguns won't chamber my 223 Wyde ammo, and the 223 Wylde won't chamber my 556 ammo.
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