300 Blackout Magazines

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300 Blackout Magazines

Post by BobinNC » Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:24 pm

I have the following all like new 300 Blackout dedicated magazines:
18 Lancer 20 Round L5AWM Black 300 Blackout Mags

Selling them in lots of 3 for $40.00 per lot shipped and insured. Total 1 lot left.
01 Lancer 10 Round L5AWM Black 300 Blackout Mag
01 Lancer 10 Round L5AWM Smoke 300 Blackout Mag

Selling them as one lot, $28.00 shipped and insured

For payment I'll take discreet Pay Pal as preferred, but I'll also take USPS MO or Personal Check.

PM or Email me ([email protected]) for any questions, details, low ball offers, or if looking for something 300 BO related that I haven't posted yet.

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