RCBS Die Sets

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RCBS Die Sets

Post by dpete » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:10 am

RCBS .357 MAG WC 3-die set part #18207 (In Box) $ 40

RCBS 7mm Mag 2-die set $ 30

RCBS 30-30 2-die set $ 30

RCBS 30-06 2-die set $ 30

RCBS 30 Carbine 3-die set $ 40

RCBS 264 WIN 2-die set $ 30

RCBS 243 WIN 2-die set part #11401 (In Box) $ 40

RCBS 45 ACP 3-die set $ 35

These dies were my FIL's. I have no personal experience with them, but knowing him they were never abused. Rifle die sets are FL resizer and seat, except for the 30 Carb. which is decap, size#1, and TC seat. Shipping will be in a small flat rate box paid by buyer. Multiple dies will fit in a box. Payment by PP friend/family, or USPS money order.

Pictures upon request.

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