DeadAir Keymo/Nomad Ti problem

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DeadAir Keymo/Nomad Ti problem

Post by 3IfByAir » Tue Nov 23, 2021 4:02 pm

So I recently got my brand new suppressor out of jail and can’t wait to shoot it. I’m a first timer in this area. It’s a DeadAir Nomad-30 Ti for a 300 SBR. I’ve also got the keymo adapter mount on it as well. I followed all instructions to a T when mating the keymo to the suppressor. However, a small issue I’ve run into that kind of worries me is that after I’ve ratcheted the whole thing onto the host (hand tight) as I start to unscrew it instead of it ratcheting back off the host instead the suppressor will just start to unscrew itself from the keymo. Then the keymo will be sitting all by its lonesome on the host.

My question is: can I use rocksett or something similar to bond the suppressor to the keymo adapter? I understand it’ll have to be something that can hold up to extreme heat, and also probably won’t be able to take the two apart in the future.

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Re: DeadAir Keymo/Nomad Ti problem

Post by bearcatrp » Sun Nov 28, 2021 10:42 pm

I have the sandman s and use that adapter. I learned the hard way using rocksett. Bitch to get off if needed. Use blue or red lock tight. Just a couple drops at beginning of threads. Will spread as you tighten. Let it set at least 24 hours. Am using the blue stuff. Never an issue.

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