Form 1 Mag Light Questions

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Re: Form 1 Mag Light Questions

Post by » Fri May 11, 2018 12:51 am

BulletFactory wrote: wrote:you're delving into a grey area of the law known as constructive intent.

which can (not will, but can) lead you own a path that involves the legal fight for all future firearms ownership at the very least and could result in your imprisonment at the very worst. only you can decide if the risk is worth the fight and the possible consequences in your world.

if you end up tangling with a overzealous prosecutor you could end up in a very very very bad place over a few bucks of parts you probably should have just waited to order.

What about this idea? I would argue (if I had to), concerning Constructive Intent, that since I have filed the paperwork with the BATFE, and the local police chief, with photos, fingerprints, trust info, address etc..., that I was intending to follow the laws as written. People who just make a maglight can under the constitution or natural laws dont do that.

you'd have to discuss that legal strategy with your lawyer. i'm just telling you how i understand the BATFE Looks at it.

i dont have the deep pockets needed to fight that kind of fight, so i just avoid it like the plague :)
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Re: Form 1 Mag Light Questions

Post by BulletFactory » Fri May 11, 2018 10:23 pm

Oh you guys are right. I dont want trouble. I have the endcap but thats all. I sent the paperwork in today. I was going to buy a maglight then have it engraved in july. Wont cut anything yet, and I have to get the freeze plugs still. They can wait.

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