Another Boar Down with the 300BLK

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Another Boar Down with the 300BLK

Post by der Teufel » Sun Sep 05, 2021 4:42 pm

This one was either short and sweet, or downright boring. It depends on how you feel about these things.

This was my last hunt on this property, at least for a while. The owner is spending more time there and basically doesn't want a couple of Olde Fahrtes hanging around using the property as a hunting lodge. I knew this would happen eventually, and I'm glad I was at least able to get one last hog off the place.

My buddy and I had taken our feeder down earlier that day, and had dumped about a half-gallon of corn out on the ground in the process. We knew hogs were coming in to the area, so we sat out that night waiting. This lone boar actually came in an hour before sundown, surprising us quite a bit. It snuck quietly out of the brush no more than 20 yards in front of us. I knew it would bust us quickly, so I told my buddy to "Shoot It!" He had a .44 Magnum carbine with a 4X scope. I had a 300 Blackout with an IR Hunter thermal weapon sight which takes 6-7 seconds to turn on. But, before my buddy could thumb the hammer back on his carbine and sight on the hog it turned and trotted back into the brush. We figured it might return, or other hogs would show, so we waited.

Sure enough, around 9PM the boar came back. It was just as quiet as the first time. The only way we knew it was there was the sound of corn crunching. That was enough, and the video picks it up from that point.
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Re: Another Boar Down with the 300BLK

Post by gds » Mon Sep 06, 2021 8:27 am

Yes, I am a Baptist, and yes I carry a gun. You might think I carry a gun because I don't trust God. Well you would be wrong. I have complete faith in my Lord. It is mankind I have no trust in

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Re: Another Boar Down with the 300BLK

Post by BJK » Mon Sep 06, 2021 11:27 am

I hope you haven't lost your hunting privileges for long.

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