Maker 85gr sbr velocity

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Maker 85gr sbr velocity

Post by 454308 »

Been out of the blackout game for a bit and playing with the 277 wolverine. I see Maker has an 85gr Trex out. Is 2400fps a realistic velocity from a 10" barrel using 296 or h110? Anyone have data with that particular combo?
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Re: Maker 85gr sbr velocity

Post by BlogSarge »

I got 2223fps with their factory loads out of my 6” AR15 with a 762-SDN-6 on it.

They advertise 2550fps out of a 16” tube for this load.

I’m not sure what the extra 4” will give you over the 6” velocity, but hopefully this will give you an idea of what is possible.
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Re: Maker 85gr sbr velocity

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With a 10.3" barrel I'm getting 2300fps and 1k ft/lbs, no malfunctions and full cycling using WW296. I seat to the ring on the bullet and give a slight crimp into the ring with a LEE Factory Crimp die; no major crimp. Accuracy with a red dot is 1" @ 50 yards and I might be measuring what my old eyes can do with the red dot. More than sufficient for HD at near bad breath distance.

I didn't keep full notes, but I remember the velocity pretty much plateauing with more powder, with an increase in pressure, so I just backed the load down to the base of the plateau. I'll let you work up your own load but that's what I remember.
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