MP-311 410 need help will not feed

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MP-311 410 need help will not feed

Post by Tayous1 » Fri Apr 22, 2022 1:45 pm

It I bought this for my 300 blk AR I was wanting a light boolites to go with the jacked ammo that I found on sale and also have cheap shooting ammo. I have had a difficult time finding load dates mostly what the COL should be.

As If I try doing the 2.055 from the load date I have found that it's so short with these Boolites and it would not chamber or it would pull the Boolite from the case when you're attempting to extract the round leaving the Boolite in the barrel. I have attempted several magazines and even bought 300 blk followers.

I believe I read on here that people use this mold successfully. Yet I have not heard if this is only been for bolt guns or what their COL was that made it work in their magazine. Thanks for the advice and help.

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