accurate 11fs

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Re: accurate 11fs

Post by karl_h » Tue Sep 14, 2021 12:08 pm

Anyone recognize this fubar?

I had intended on spending a good bit of time Saturday working with 3 different bullets and accurate 11FS. I suspected a couple weeks ago that where I was with the 155 hornady eld-m had a somewhat significant first round and subsequent rounds impact shift so I had loaded over a week ago 6 to shoot 3 pairs of cold bore/follow up shot and had not got around to it. Friday late, I went to fire the first pair on target, and the blackout just went click. Pulled the bolt back and ejected a spent case......grrrrrr. I have never in almost 40 years poured the wrong charge in a case, broke that record with a no charge, actually 4 no charges. I weighed the remaining 5 rounds, and only two had powder in them. How in heck I ever seated 4 bullets on a primed empty case I will never know, but I obviously did it. Out of caution, I pulled the bullets on the two that were loaded, they had the correct charge in them. I have no clue how I did that.

I was so pissed, I just did work around the house and property all weekend and did no load development or shooting. Didn't get around to clearing my blackouts barrel until last night late. It was surprisingly easy to knock the bullet back out, the primer did not embed if far in the rifling. You can see the little curl of copper on the bullet and how little the plastic tip deformed pushing the bullet out, that is all the further the primer sent the bullet into the barrel.

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