NEED 220gr SpirePoint running 1050 to 1100

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NEED 220gr SpirePoint running 1050 to 1100

Post by jgalt52 » Wed Oct 19, 2022 7:30 pm

I have a DRD Tactical MFP-21 pistol w 8” bbl and been testing numerous 300BLK cartridges w/suppression.

I’ve run spire points and plain, shorter and more blunt carts and had numerous FTFs with the blunts, even w Lancer 300BLK mags. So Spires only for this guy.

Hornady 205gr BLACK AMAX w sharp, red plastic tips runs perfectly, but fps=987 average giving 450 ft-lbs muz energy.

I would like to get some factory-new, bulk in a spire point 220gr that would run between 1050 and 1100 in an 8” barrel to NET me 550 ft-lbs energy, but the ammo search engines and manual searches haven’t shown up anything.

Anyone know of a factory cart that will fill the bill?

All comments welcome!!!


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Re: NEED 220gr SpirePoint running 1050 to 1100

Post by 30plinker » Thu Nov 17, 2022 9:07 pm

As you can see from all the responses you've gotten in a month... what you see is what you get from factory offerings.

However... a quick google shows quite a few "custom reloading" businesses, anywhere from old weird cowboy BP rounds to common current ammo with the cusomters speced bullet etc. No affiliation, etc but here is one example, and yes, they list 300 blackout. You'd need to buy as much as you possibly can at once to max your amortization of the setup fees, etc.

Personally for what a set up fee and their labor will cost you on top of component cost, I'd look at getting set up to reload. In fact, I did it several years ago myself. And while I'm mostly feeding bolt guns, I am loading 300bo, 223, and 762x39 with 44 mag waiting in the wings. Starting from fired brass to loaded rounds, skipping the time spent tumbling, I can crank out almost 100 rounds per hour on a single stage for loads where I have a good volume scoop or a powder that runs through my measure nicely. Even hand weighing 11.2gr powder charges of 5744 (which looks and measures like course ground black pepper) for my 300bo 200gr subs (Speer 200gr sp, cheap and accurate) I can crank out about 50 rounds per hour.

As far as costs, even buying at todays prices primers are 10c/each and powder is 35/lb (prices I've seen at my local bass pro, tad cheaper online but you have to buy enough to even out the cost of hazmat) and you'll get 300-700 rounds per pound depending on what powder and what loading you use. Bullets are up to you, from under 20c/ea cast and coated, or Berrys or all the way up to those fancy A-maxes and such, and so you'll end up being able to shoot more for same costs.

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