Redcued (but not subsonic) 300 loads?

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Redcued (but not subsonic) 300 loads?

Post by EDL » Mon Oct 04, 2021 2:34 pm

Still waiting for my suppressor to get out of ATF jail, but I've been shooting my 7.5" 300Blk pistol with 125 and 150 grain handloads just to have something to shoot.

I'd like, if possible, to load some reduced loads with those bullets. Not subsonic, but less than the supersonic load data gives. The goal is to reduce them to lessen recoil, but still cycle the action.

Also, most load data is shown for rifle length barrels, which leads me to think a slow pistol powder might be better suited as well with a 7.5" barrel.

The 300 case is sufficiently small that I don't think air space in the case will be a big concern.

Anyone have recipes for such a beast?

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Re: Redcued (but not subsonic) 300 loads?

Post by ReadyAimDuck » Mon Oct 04, 2021 3:47 pm

Sierra lists 13.8gr of H110 under a 150 grain bullet with a COAL of 2.14”. They list this at 1600 FPS. This load cycles my 16” pistol gas upper using a carbine buffer and Tubbs spring, and is pleasant to shoot.

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