New Build advise

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New Build advise

Post by VegasDom »

Looking for advise building first 300 blackout pistol.

Guns primary purpose is to run subsonics suppressed.

I have started with a 6” Faxon barrel. Any suggestions on setup. Gas system? BCG? Buffer?

I’ve only found 1 guy on YouTube running a 6” 300 and he is using a bootleg BCG and a super light buffer, 1oz.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.
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Re: New Build advise

Post by dpete »

I built my 5" barrel pistol just as I would any other 300 BLK. Standard BCG, Carbine buffer, KAK pistol receiver extension, standard spring. The only thing I did specifically for the build was add an adjustable gas block. My primary use for it is supers (already have an 8" barrel sub gun) and with 2" of dwell time with the barrel it would have been way over gassed without it. As it is the gas block is two clicks from completely closed and it runs perfectly.
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