Need some help with the Nikon M300 reticle

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Need some help with the Nikon M300 reticle

Post by Quak » Fri Jan 22, 2021 12:18 pm

Hey Guys,

New here...but I've done some searching and can't come up with anything. I picked up a deeply discounted Nikon M300 this past week and can't for the life of me figure the reticle out. Couple of questions...and ill start by saying thank you for helping me out as I'm at a loss.

1) The top turret has a load specified but also says 1/4 MOA 100 yards. Why does it have a load specified? 1/4 is a 1/4 regardless of load right

2) What is the super sub reticle supposed to do? Looks like any other of nikons donut is this supposed to work for standard velocity ammo and sub sonic?

FWIW it seems to be a very nice scope...very clear and somewhat repeatable. I paid less than $400 no doubt because its discontinued and Nikon is no longer in the gun world. Any idea how they plan to handle warranty?

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