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300 Blackout Bullets -- Hornady & Barnes Tac-TX = ALL SOLD

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2022 11:32 pm
by BobinNC
Due to failing health and an inability to hunt any more, I'm divesting myself of all 300 Blackout Reloading supplies, equipment and gear.

Up first are bullets to be sold in 2 lots. Shipping and insurance is free and already built into the price to anywhere in the CONUS.

First Lot - Hornady 30 Cal V-Max 110 grain Bullets, 7 full boxes, 100 bullets per box, Total 700 bullets Hornady Item # 23010.

$200.00 shipped and insured to you for the first lot.

Note: These are currently selling for $36.99 a box from Midway plus shipping

Second Lot - Barnes .30 Cal (300 AAC Blackout) 110 grain TAC-TX Bullets, 6 full boxes, 50 bullets per box, Total 300 bullets Barnes Item # 30321

$210.00 Shipped and insured to you for the second lot.

Note: These are currently selling for $43.99 a box from Midway plus shipping


If you need pictures of what they look like, please send me your cell number via PM or email, and I get them right to you.

For payment I'll take discreet Pay Pal as preferred, but I'll also take USPS MO or Personal Check.

PM or Email me ([email protected]) for any questions, details, low ball offers, or if looking for something 300 BO related that I haven't posted yet.

In the coming weeks I'll have more bullets, bunches 300 BO unfired brass, loaded ammo to be sold as component parts (hint), 20+ dedicated 300 BO Magazines mostly Lancer, loading dies (Redding, Hornady, Lee FCD), gauges (Wilson and Hornady), and a 300 BO compete upper with extras.

I doing this a little at a time so I don't get overwhelmed.



Note: All Items will be shipped from North Carolina via UPS or USPS. I also have 5 lbs of Accurate 11 FS for local sale, anywhere within 50 miles of Goldsboro NC