Problems with Wilson Combat 11.3" barrel

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Re: Problems with Wilson Combat 11.3" barrel

Post by daddyusmaximus » Tue May 17, 2016 12:22 am

dellet wrote:You guys do realize daddy resurrected a three year old thread :shock:

But yes .073" is a little small if you want to play with a lot of different powders and bullets without a suppressor.
Glad I could help bring this forum back to life... It was the only thread I could find that mentioned this barrel...

I don't see any reason to shoot the less powerful subs either without a can. To me, the only reason to go with the subs is for the quiet. I am curious though, because this is the barrel my gunsmith is putting on my SBR upper. I'll have a can one day, but just looking for info now. I plan to shoot mostly super sonics. I like the ability to go quiet, and that helped to make the decision to try a 300, but I'm mostly trying it because it seems to offer a slight power advantage over the 5.56 in short barrels, and I have another 5.56 gun with a longer barrel.
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