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 Post subject: holding out
PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:39 am 

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so what suppressors and qd muzzle devices are you guys holding out for? maybe something thats been advertised but has yet to hit the market.

trying to find different options for the 10 incher i'm building.

 Post subject: Re: holding out
PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:35 am 
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I didn't hold out. I got an SAS Ti .30 for my .308 AR. I am so glad I went this route. I bought this can almost a year before I even heard of 300 BLK. I had a .308 AR that I really liked and just spent money on a custom 300 WM bolt action. I knew I wanted a can that I could use for my .308 AR. I found Suppressed Armament Systems on a fluke.

The thing I liked about them was that it was Ti so it was very light. Also you could get a muzzle brake (for the 300 WM) or a flash hider for the .308 and my .223 rifles. At the time I was really into .223. For the price, the SAS Ti Arbiter is a lot of can. It threads on over the break or hider. They now have a 1/4 turn QD version but it's only for the muzzle break. I didn't want to run a break on everything so I stuck with the thread on version.

They now have a shorter version which is 7" instead of my 9". Now normally this is a good thing but for an SBR in 300 BLK, the 7" would be just fine. If you had any intention of shooting a 300 WM on a regular basis, I would go with the 9". Otherwise, go with the 7".

I bought an AAC 9" upper, which is a pistol right now. Form 1 is pending. I got to play with their ratchet attach and I've got to say. It is hands down the best attachment for a can out there. Unless you plan on doing an integrally suppressed rifle, they are great. I have not had the chance to shoot an AAC can but based on my upper, I'd say they make a great product. I would switch to AAC if not for the fact that I've got 6 mounts (at $100 each) plus the $200 tax stamp, and then there's the wait. If I had the means I'd go with the AAC Mk 13-SD. Too bad the ratchet attach option is $600. The Mk13 is basically the 300 TM with a ratchet attach. Kinda crap that they charge $600 for a faster way to attach the can.

What ever can you go with, I would really steer you to Ti. Unless you plan on doing mag dumps, taking lots of carbine classes with it, or just plain trying to abuse it, the Ti is the way to go. More expensive but if you ever decide to put it on a bolt gun or anything longer than your SBR, you will be VERY happy you did. It's all about the weight and how far out there it will be.

I'm very happy with my SAS and if you want to save a little money, their Ti version is $895 vs. the Mk13-SD at $1795 from AAC. The difference is the mount. I will give the AAC hands down the win there but is that mount worth $900 over the SAS Ti or $600 over the 762SDN-6? I don't think so.

Good luck.

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 Post subject: Re: holding out
PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:09 am 
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I didn't hold out either, nor did I go expensive with Ti (not that that's a bad thing, but I just didn't have the extra money). I bought a YHM SS Phantom & the QD flash hiders, one each for my AR-10's & AR-15's plus one each for my hunting rifle and an AK-47.

The Phantom is built like a tank, can take just about anything in .30 caliber (including the the long action belted magnums), & though it's SS, it's not unwieldy on either of my AR-10's, one 18", the other an older 24". I also have a 22" Ruger M77 in 300 Wthby Mag that has been threaded and it works great with the Phantom, even w/o a bipod. POI shift has been minimal and predictable on all of the rifles I've tried it on.

I put a Bowers high temp neoprene cover on the can and it makes handling a warm can much easier and also gives a lot of protection from heat mirage, once the can has gotten hot (which doesn't take long on the magnum, trust me).

My 300 BLK AR sounds like a Hi-vel pellet gun with 220gr SMK subsonics, & the supersonic crack from the 125 gr Hornady is really hard to place from more than a few feet away. It's like hearing thunder in the distance w/o seeing the lightning, it seems to come from everywhere around you.

Are there better cans available? Maybe, but for the money I've got in my Phantom and the flash hiders for all of the rifles I've put them on, I'm tickled with my investment. Is Ti better? I don't think I gave up much by getting SS and saving the extra bucks for more of the QD mounts to allow more utility on more of my rifles. The difference in weight just doesn't bother me, even on a rather porky AR-10T. I shoot for accuracy and don't do massive mag dumps of very expensive (even handloads) ammunition.

I am in no way knocking Ti cans, they are great if you can afford them. I just have to get as much value for my dollars as I can, and this is how I approached it, and have in no way been sorry for it.

My .02 worth. YMMV.

 Post subject: Re: holding out
PostPosted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 9:55 pm 
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I have an SAS Ti Arbiter as well. Is simply amazing on a 300 BLK.

I use it as well on a 308 bolt rifle and two 6,8 ARs.

Great can!

If you want to shoot cast bullets in the 300 BLK you should consider a user serviceable 9mm can that is rated for subsonic 300 BLK. The SWR Octane 9HD works very well in this application. This too is a great can!

 Post subject: Re: holding out
PostPosted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:12 pm 
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To answer your first question, I don't know of any suppressor that is comming out that I would wait for. I had a AAC Cyclone that I have had for several years. I bought it for a subsonic 308 with a 1 in 7 twist barrel. It is heavy ! I bought a Suppressed Armament Systems Ti Arbiter last year. As shown in the pic, I chose the thread on over brake design. It is a great can, it is half the weight of my AAC and for me has had much less POI shift than the AAC. The Arbiter is the most competitivley priced Ti suppressors I could find. I am glad I did, the quality is great. I use it on my 5.56 m4, SBR, 300Blk boltgun (used to be the subsonic 308 and I rechambered it), and 308.

Here is my 7.5 inch blackout with The SAS Arbiter. The suppressor is 9 inches for comparison

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