Wanting to get 300 BLK for 3 Gun Comp

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Wanting to get 300 BLK for 3 Gun Comp

Post by wajohnson12 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:05 pm

Please excuse/move this topic if it's not in the correct forum.

I'm new to both the 300 BLK and 3 Gun competition - read "I don't have a 300 BLK and I've not yet shot a 3 Gun match." My first 3 Gun match got rained out a few months ago and it will likely be the spring time before I'm able to travel to another one (not a lot offered in my area).

For start up purposes and for ease on the wallet, I'm interested in getting a 300 BLK upper to use with my current AR.

With the ability to load cast bullets for subsonic rounds, it sounds like this cartridge would be ideal for range time and a cheap way to compete in the rifle category. I don't cast bullets so I would be purchasing from good companies like Missouri Bullet, etc. With Missouri Bullet's offering as an example (.309 Diameter, 245 gr.), what make/model of upper would be best for my purposes?

Thank you for your help!

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Re: Wanting to get 300 BLK for 3 Gun Comp

Post by tfbit » Tue Dec 03, 2013 12:40 pm

Blackout is definitely fun for multi-gun but here are a few thing I found. First thing to look at is what is the max range for the rifle stages? I shot my 300 in a few matches, and cleaned the long range stage (plates out to 400 yards) in my last match with it, but holdovers are larger than that of a .223/5.56. I was actually writing holdovers for each target on my arm while the 5.56 guys were like "top of the plate out to that one then half a plate holdover for the rest". That combined with .308 bullet prices being about 2.5x that of .223 caused me to build a 5.56 rifle for multi-gun. Casting your own or buying cast bullets would make it cheaper but I have no idea what your accuracy with cast bullets would be like at longer ranges. On the plus side you will get more of your brass back and holes in targets are larger, making it easier to decide if you need to put another round in a target at the end of a stage.

As for buying a complete upper all I can say is that when I see the prices it makes me glad I built my own. Love my Danied Defense 16" barrel! I'll leave complete upper recommendations to those that have bought them.
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Re: Wanting to get 300 BLK for 3 Gun Comp

Post by JeffWard » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:58 pm

You can't shoot suppressed subs in a competition that runs on a shot-timer. Unless the RO is standing right next to your can when you fire the last shot, the timer won't pick it up. It will pick up suppressed super-sonics, which are quieter than unsuppressed, but still crack.

Your cheapest bullets will still run around $0.17-0.18 each, which is a bit pricier than 55-62gr .223 bullets. If you need to take longer shots, out around 400 yards, you'll be better off shooting 110gr bullets, which all run north of $0.20.

If you have access to free 5.56 brass, you can get converted 300BLK brass for $0.06 each, and typically get at least 5-6 matches out of a case if you can collect them. I figure on 2-3 uses per case, so call the case $0.03.

Primers will run you $0.035 each, and call it a dime worth of powder.

That's $0.33-$0.40 per round, which is on par with .223 plinking ammo retail.

Reloading 300BLK is more expensive than reloading .223... but I still like running my 300BLK just to be different!

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Re: Wanting to get 300 BLK for 3 Gun Comp

Post by nolwark76 » Sat Apr 04, 2015 10:56 pm

Get a 16" AAC upper. End of story.

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