New Blackout Company. Ammo and Brass.

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Re: New Blackout Company. Ammo and Brass.

Post by pinoybug » Wed Mar 09, 2016 1:25 pm

Any price on your 300 BLK bullets and brass count ? Went to your site and no price for bullets and no quantity for 300 blk case. Like how many for $32 of brass ?

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Re: New Blackout Company. Ammo and Brass.

Post by A-Game » Thu Mar 10, 2016 10:21 pm

They are local for me, I'll go over there and check em out and report back
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Re: New Blackout Company. Ammo and Brass.

Post by mai_admin » Wed May 04, 2016 6:13 pm

OK everybody, after a longer than anticipated delay, the site is up and ready to take orders. Items available for sale are in-stock, packaged and ready to ship. They will ship with 24 hours, if ordered Sunday-Wednesday. Company hours are Mon-
Thurs, 8-4 MST. After hours and weekends call or text customer support at:
1 480 938-7247


https://secure.modernarmsinternational. ... out-brass/


https://secure.modernarmsinternational. ... on/300blk/


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Re: New Blackout Company. Ammo and Brass.

Post by N2130N » Mon May 30, 2016 9:06 pm

Got 100 rounds of 300 blackout & 7.62x51 subs.

First impression: the quality of these rounds are top notch, very good looking.

Had just a minute to go out plinking the other night. Guns were: AAC micro seven & a Spanish FR8 Mauser both with my YHM Phantom.

The 7.62x51 stabilized just fine in my 1-12" barrel thankfully. They were very quiet & grouped well. Nothing cracked super sonic (shot my chrony last time I was home...) bonus points for using Noveski brass.

The 300 blackouts had no problem feeding in my bolt action with that big flat tip. Man when they hit something you can tell the difference between those & a pointy match bullet! SMACK! They printed well & at pretty much the same poi of the 208 Amax FOG loads I have been shooting. The FOGammo MIGHT be a hair more accurate, maybe... Further testing is required. The FOGs are also a hair quieter but I'm just nit picking now. Take no offence, the FOG has been my go to practice load for almost two years now so any blackout sub gets compared to them.

Again none went super sonic & whatever that coating is, apparently works well as the barrel looked dang near spotless. The annealing is very nice & uniform.

Overall I am very happy with both the loads. I will be sure to buy more down the road. Thanks for making quailty & affordable sub loads!

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