SBA3- CMMG rip brace - in Maxim defense PDW length!

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Re: SBA3- CMMG rip brace - in Maxim defense PDW length!

Post by Flatliner » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:05 pm

I love the newer adjustable pistol braces. With that said, I am not stupid enough to modify them from what was designed and approved by the manufacturer. Seriously people. Regardless of how 'dumb' the rules are, they are still the law. $200 for an SBR stamp is pretty cheap insurance when the alternative is prison and a hefty fine.

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Re: SBA3- CMMG rip brace - in Maxim defense PDW length!

Post by 10Driver » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:49 pm

10Driver wrote:
golfindia wrote:Wonder if this will hurt their sales. ... t-be-next/

It has brought some sales to a screeching halt!

Turns out those that were buying braces to convert into butt stocks (modified with extended butt pads) and then using those stocks (with the now extended LOP) to convert their pistols into NFA items, aren’t buying these anymore. :cry:

Nice “click bait” by the lawyer with ESQUIRE after his name.

Glad to read that the individual was acquitted (perhaps with the help of a lawyer who doesn’t use esquire) and won’t experience further butt hurt.

BTW, I only passingly read some of the details, so please don’t consider anything above too seriously! :mrgreen:

Firstly, thanks for the valuable post. I wasn’t aware of this case.

I did try to build on your post by pointing out what seemed to be a critical element that may not be immediately obvious to anyone who only casually reads forum posts.

Perhaps it would be equally helpful if you would take a few moments and revisit the last sentence of my post.

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