Need input on Gun Safe, specifically Stack On brand

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Re: Need input on Gun Safe, specifically Stack On brand

Post by Daniel44114 » Fri Oct 04, 2019 5:31 pm

I have seen the videos at the fun shows about guys breaking into cheap safes. I agree
with those who have commented above. You need layers of protection. That is make
your house a less than appealing target. That means dogs, Alarm Signs, Alarms. I have
worked in security and talk to a lot of LEO about break ins. A determined thief will get what
he wants but most are smash and grab jobs.

Safe placement will prevent the thief from finding it while the alarm is sounding and less likely
that if they do find it they will take the time to get into it. Mine is an inexpensive safe. It
is secured in a small area. It is secured in such a way that its not being moved unless you are
very determined, very strong and have time to play.

Just know that any safe it better than no safe. Get what you can afford then make a plan to
upgrade when you get a chance. Also the don't keep all your eggs in one basket rule applies as well.

Good Luck

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