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Re: Poaching

Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 8:38 pm
by noname
I have been approached by game wardens only twice in my 54 years of hunting/fishing. The hunting one was while dove hunting. I figure they were out listening to what sounded like a war zone on opening day and drove toward the gunshots. Our group got checked. Funny encounter there, when I was 16 or so years old. Just about the time they arrived a wood duck passed by. A friend of mine unloaded on it. The game warden gave him a real dressing down and told him he better be glad that duck didn't fall.

Next encounter was while bass fishing, about the same age. I put a 12 ft jon boat in the back of my dad's pickup with a battery powered electric motor and headed to the local water impound lake. Got checked when I came to shore. Duffus kid I was saw their car and used my electric motor to head right at them to show off my fishing license. But got a ticket for no life preserver on board. I showed him my junior lifesaving certificate from the Red Cross but did no good.

Re: Poaching

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 4:18 pm
by GreenPig
The DNR here in Georgia have to cover such enormous areas I'm always shocked when I cross paths with them. Now those fools that shot and left those deer should be beat upon their head and neck until unconscious. Not joking.

Re: Poaching

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:06 pm
by Steve Urquell
I've met more unethical hunters in Arkansas than ethical ones. When I worked in shops I had several try to get me to let them hunt my land. One of them convinced a man to let he and his dad hunt his land. This is what he said the following Monday:
"I shot one and when I got up on it it wasn't legal. Dad shot one too and it wasn't legal so we had to let them both lay."

Another guy: "I couldn't go hunting this weekend because I didn't have enough money for weed."

Another: "You can tell where I've been hunting by the trail of Keystone light cans"

Another regarding purple "No Hunting" paint: I get colorblind around deer season.

These yo-yos were hunters but not gun guys. Most can't even tell you anything about their guns or ammo choice. Many so called hunters here are exactly like that. The disconnect between the two is baffling.

Re: Poaching

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 9:41 am
by golfindia
Poaching of everything is a big problem in FL.

For some good entertainment, check out FL FWC's weekly reports:

It's pretty amazing how many felony charges some folks can rack up at once. E.G. in one case a guy got caught poaching, they found meth in his car, he was drunk (dui). When they searched his home for poaching evidence, they discovered a kidnapped girl. Plus he had warrants and shouldn't have had firearms.... A guy busted for weed while cast netting snook?????

Every week there are dozens of these.

Re: Poaching

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:06 am
by rebel
I appreciate all the comments guys. Most of the Game Wardens I know are fine people and well trained. I know they are stretched thin. I hope they catch these a-holes but I have my doubts unless some dummy puts it on FB. Most of the poachers here abouts are as golf described, drugged or drunk, thieving, conniving white trash.
I guess at this point, with the last estimate of being about 2.5 bucks per square mile, I guess the right thing to do is either quit for the year or take a younger doe. Not real sure. I hunt at or within a mile from my house. I also know within that same " block " of territory, a customer made a bad shot and lost a 3.5 year old buck.Did not find. That makes 6 :x

Re: Poaching

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:46 pm
by Omega
Maybe it's like what happened here a while back. There was a pile of carcases, some decapitated some missing just the back straps etc, turned out there was a hunt club nearby that used the spot to dispose of their left overs. The decapitated ones, and partial harvested were either road kill or wounded ones that died not found in time to harvest the meat. Other seeming mutilation was just scavengers doing their thing. The land was their lease, so there was no real issue except it didn't look good and non-hunters found the spot and notified the press. ... t-campsite

Re: Poaching

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 8:57 am
by rebel
Maybe I didn't make this clear, they were shot in place. The 3 deer you cant see are 300 yards from the road, all 3 in different spots, one on the other side of the road completely. One would like to think that no one would do that but they did. If it was just the two near the road I could see it as dumping, but the other 3 tell a different story.

Re: Poaching

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 10:46 pm
by tallburnedmidget
This is a damn shame.

I get so dissapointed in people and how they disprespect the animal, hunting, the hunting community, and the ethical firearms holding community.

I haven't been in a gun store except Cabelas (doesn't really count) in years but last week I went to go pick up a rifle I ordered, and it never fails that I encounter a complete fool, at least this fool didn't work at the place lol.

As I'm waiting for my background check to come back and finish my purchase, said fool, a man in his early 60's halfway bursts in 5 minutes before closing time and says:
"I need a gun I'm going hog hunting this weekend, what do you have under $500 that I can shoot a pig with." He wasn't asking in a manner where he was wanting to be educated or in manner where he was going to use the right kind of caliber/rifle for the hunt. He was behaving and asking in a manner like he was buying a disposable toy but one he could go all Rambo with on some pigs! It was really really shocking that he had zero respect for what he was buying, what he was going to do with it, and how he was going to go about using the rifle!

The kid at the counter pulls up the inventory list on the computer for what they keep on hand and says "Hmm, not much, I have a 300 Blackout Pistol" so the guy tells him "ooh a pistol for hog hunting sounds cool lets look at it".

The kid brings it out and the guy is like "oooh I've never seen anything like this, I may take it. By the way what is a 300 Blackout? Does it shoot pigs?"
I then told him "That is a pistol configuration short barreld AR rifle. The 300 Blackout cartrige/caliber is a 223/5.56 brass case cut down and resized to fit a 30 caliber bullet. The same kind of bullet that fires out of a .308 rifle. Also understand thatit is illegal for you to put a stock on that rifle because it has a barrel under 16 inches in size. You have to submit NFA paperwork, get it approved, engrave the thing, and THEN you can legally put a stock on it. If you don't do all of that and you put a stock on it and you get caught you will become a felon."

His response after I finished saying all of that was "OOOH so this thing is the same as a 308?" I was like "no it shoots the same sized projectile as a 308, 30-06, 30-30, etc. that projectile is a 30 caliber projectile." He then turns to the kid at the counter says "Can I look at the ammo? I want to see what it shoots before I buy it."

At that moment the other kid at the counter told me my background was clear and I was good to go. I was in awe of that guy me and the 2 kids just all kind of looked at each other and I wished them a good day and walked out with my new rifle lol.

I would imagine this is the kind of guy that shoots deer, cuts of the heads and leaves them lying. It is so shameful. I hope those poachers get caught and I hope that guy failed to buy a rifle and if he did I hope he doesn't hurt or kill himself or someone else because the thinks it's an action movie toy rather than a serious tool used for serious situations.

I'm so thankful for our little 300BLK forum community and that you guys are so responsible and respectful with how you conduct yourselves with your firearms, hunting, and just generally in life from what we share here! :)

Re: Poaching

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 11:32 pm
by rebel
TBM, I see this every day of hunting season, every year since I have owned a shop. It has nothing to do with IQ, I know folks that can't read and are great hunters, have a buttload of common sense and provide for their family. I bore sighted a rifle for an idiot yesterday who was ready to go hunting the next day on a dream hunt to western KY. He wasn't wanting to "waste" ammo to actually sight it in. As if that tiny laser emitting diode can take the place of burning 3 shots at distance. Had another guy that ending up buying 3 hours of range time and 3 boxes of 30-30 ammo to get sighted in. When he checked out I asked, "you get her shootin'?" he replied "Hell yeah, finally. She shootin' bout like this at fifty!" holding up a snuff can. 2 inches at 50 yards :| Same guy will try a deer at 200 yards this weekend :evil:
One thing my job has taught me. The average hunter is below average and average ain't that damn good.
The other is some folks have absolute contempt of property and life. Ethics are thrown out the window. I can't even describe what's down the road as barbaric as that would disparage barbarians. It's wanton waste to satisfy someones sick need to say I killed all of this.
I hope they brag. Then they will get caught.