Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

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Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Post by dellet » Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:34 am

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?
Post by robertstevens » Wed Oct 14, 2020 7:10 am

Listen up guys, mankind has been hunting since the beginning of our origin. Our ancestors had done it for thousands of years and now we might not need to hunt for food, some folks in remote areas still do, but we do it for a number of reasons. One of them is to get close to Mother nature and act as a part of it.

That’s why the ‘Act’ of hunting cannot be labeled as ‘shooting animals.’ This ‘Act’ is more natural than animal slaughtering. Think about camping in the wild or woods. You would hide under the ground blind to appear invisible to your prey. And in an instant, you put your bullet in the animal without doing all sorts of arrangements that modern slaughterhouses do. What’s not natural about hunting in the wild? Somebody, please explain to me.
Old thread, but it’s the time of year to think about these things.

The original question has nothing to do with whether hunting is ethical or natural. More so it questions if you are hunting ethically. The cartridge has taken a beating over the years as a low power, substandard round. Even worse is hunting with subs. This is not the fault of the cartridge, only those who use it.

My personal thinking is that it is a hunters cartridge, a certain higher Skill set is needed to use it. Same as handgun or bow hunting. If your definition of hunting is driving down the road, shooting from the truck, and if the game does not fall in its tracks, drive on, you should probably either find a different cartridge, or turn your self in for either waiting game or poaching.

Just a reminder to know your limits, skills and to hunt accordingly.
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Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Post by BJK » Wed Oct 14, 2020 1:32 pm

I can probably still do it, but I couldn't get the deer out if I shot one so I no longer do... I used to still hunt. That doesn't mean not moving. It means moving so slowly and silently that one gets very close to the quarry that shots are short. Basically I'd wake deer up and if they were the proper deer I'd be shooting as they were wiping the sleepers out of their eyes and wondering what the heck it was that woke them. So yeah, I guess I was a a hunter. I'd be so close to them that I got to the point where I wouldn't carry a rifle, just a handgun.

I should go back and read the thread. I confess that I didn't do that, I only read the first post. I bet there is some discussion worth reading in it.

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