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Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:57 pm
only shot one deer more than once - and i finished him off with my pistol. recovered every deer except one due to a wound plugging up and a complete loss of blood trail. couldnt even follow his tracks because he went into an area of oaks that a group of deer had been feeding in and was tore up like something you'd find from a group of pigs in a field.

so ya, i guess i am mostly a hunter.

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:42 am
by Jay66
Probably 90% shooter, 10% hunter. I shoot a lot at night to help with crop damage from pigs and deer so it's walking or riding looking for animals. I also sit in stands on the property but it's the same thing, if it walks out it gets shot. I do hunt with friends occasionally on their leases and only shoot what they allow. Depredation shooting does allow you to get very familiar with your equipment and it's and your capabilities.

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:57 am
by BlogSarge
Back when I had access to a hundred or more acres, I loved to still hunt and put the stalk on a deer. Yes, I lost some deer as I taught myself how to do it. I had no hunting mentor so I had to read, study and figure it out on my own. Still, I can count on one hand the deer I have lost over 35 years of hunting.

Poor shot placement isn't a worry as I get lots of trigger time in and keep my calm.

Now, with just a smaller plat to hunt, I have to rely mostly on stand hunting. Seldom need to track but can still do it when needed.

Sadly, I was tracking a doe last weekend and it went onto my neighbor's land. I called him to be sure it was fine to go get it. HE SAID NO! He wasn't there (he lives an hour or more away) so he wasn't huinting for me to interfere with. He's just an ass. He doesn't like me so he decided to let the animal potentially suffer.

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:29 am
what a renispinkle

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:33 am
by John A.
I like to think of myself as more of a conservationist than anything.

I'm not a great hunter at all. But I like to hunt. I like watching wildlife. And I get more of a thrill to see a bunch of animals on my trail cam than I would seeing heads and hides on my wall. I have thousands of pictures ranging from squirrels and rabbits and raccoons and possums up to larger coyotes, bobcats, deer, bear, elk and other things.

And as rebel has mentioned, I'm more at peace when I'm in the woods than most any other time that I have.

When I was in high school, my uncle and I built a cabin up there. Just a humble little 12x12 camp house. Being so long ago, last year me and my boys had to do some major repairs to it, but have gotten it back into use again. Great times for sure.

Though I have been fortunate to be able to teach my 3 sons how to hunt, and soon will be taking my granddaughter on her first hikes and hunts.

When I first started getting game on the land, I wanted to keep them there. Wanted to keep them interested, safe, and to offer them the things that I would want.

The wooly adelgids wiped out most of our pine trees about 15 years ago. That really hurt some of their winter food supply. So, I will not bother the pine trees that have recently started sprouting back. All those trees are off limits no matter what. (Just for the record, the place I'm talking about is named pine mountain, and for a reason, but those dang Asian menaces have made a mess here. Some of the places I hunted when I was a child looks more like a bomb went off now and barely can make your way through a lot of the deadfalls. :cry:

Instead of putting out feeders (which I have done during bad winters), I planted trees and other assorted bushes and things that everything likes. These will far outlast me and give more back than I take on the occasion that I do harvest a deer or turkey or whatever.

I've planted persimmon trees, pecan trees (which aren't native to my area), black walnut trees, paw paw trees, mulberry, multiple chestnuts to try to restore some of what was killed during the early 1900's in my area which was a staple in everythings diet, and have even planted a few hazelnuts, which also aren't native to my area, and have even planted some of Johnny Appleseeds Rambo apple trees up there.

So, I suppose that I'm a terrible hunter. Even if I do have some of Gods' blessings in my freezer.

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:13 pm
by dellet
John A and Blogsarge have probably best put on paper what I was getting at.

If more shooters were hunters like Blogsarge, getting on to private land to hunt, or at least recover game would be more welcome. Most either would not make the call, or would not worry about the lost animal.

If it wasn't for hunter/conservationists a hundred years ago like John A, we wouldn't have much to hunt now.

Jim Timber has kept us up to date on reclaiming and improving his property for animals over the years.

Rebel started down that road recently.

Depending on the time of year, I have anywhere from 4-20 deer hanging out at feeding time for the horses. Last spring I got to watch a litter of Fox kits grow up. All the more distant neighbors were complaining about mice invasions, not me. Never saw one all summer in the hay sheds.

Having a 300 pound sow and cubs on the porch playing in the water bowl we leave out for the birds, did have me wishing for more than a screen door between us, but it was an exceptionally hot and dry summer so I let it go.

Part of being a hunter is caring for the land and animals you harvest, insuring there will always be a hunt.

That brings us to Tikka and Walkers bay. Sometimes a hunter just flat out needs to kill things. Invasive species or over population can be a huge burden on local game and crops.

There is no absolute answer to the original question. Other than it's much easier for a hunter to just shoot an animal, than it is for a clown that just shoots animals to be a hunter.

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:27 pm
by BlogSarge wrote:what a renispinkle

Absolutley, no doubt..... um.... what is a renispinkle ayway?

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:33 pm
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:02 pm
by steven11b
My hunting experience is short. Growing up I hunted dove and quail with my best friends family. My family just didnt have the time, money or experience to allow me to get into it.

After being out of the army, I was broke and a new father, so again time and money wasnt there.

I then got a new job and headed to Texas, deer hunting or "shooting" as I would call it was around every corner. Texas didnt seem apealing to me as they throw food down infront of a blind and you pick out the deer you want at very short distances.

I now am back in AZ and have had an awsome 1 1/2 years getting into hunting finally. I am surrounded by people who have hunted all their lives and have been showing me different skills and techniques. My first elk was spot and stalk for an entire day. Shot my first deer as well, way up in mountains well away from any road. You cant throw bait down and have to patiently glass for hours as you get short glimpses of the coues deer. Then you have to stalk and make the shot on rough terrain. I shot mine at 418yds gutted it and then carried the sucker down the mountain on my back. Thats hunting in my book!

Re: Are you a Hunter? or do you just shoot animals?

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:38 pm
by excess650
These days I'm most apt to be carrying a flintlock when actively pursuing game. I had quite a number of "shooter bucks" on my cameras this past year, and had decided there would be only old, mature bucks taken. I saw lots of small, young bucks, but the old ones got that way by being smart. We'll play the game again next year.

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