Hodgdon Lil´Gun and H110 for Subsonic

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Hodgdon Lil´Gun and H110 for Subsonic

Post by LoadCor » Fri Aug 19, 2022 12:56 am

Dear 330Blk Community,

i recently got the new owner of a bolt action 16,5" 300 BLK (1:8 Twist) rifle and wanted to start handloading on that caliber.

Currently trying around based on Hornadys Mobile App and the Hodgon "subsonic-data-final.pdf" to get some subsonic Loads with the ELD-M 208gr bullet and the Hodgdon Lil`Gun oder H110 powder.

Nearby handreloaders always recommend a fill rate of the ammunition from greater then 90% or at least 80%. As what i see no of the Load Data (Calculated with GRT and QuickLoad) is over 90%. Some of them nearly touch the 80%.

Did anyone experienced trouble with this low fill rate of powder?

My wish is to use these two powders for my 110gr Hornady V-Max (supersonic) training ammunition and 110gr lead free Barnes TAC-TX FB for hunting ammunition. The 208gr should also just be for training, thats why i want to prevent buying another powder.


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Re: Hodgdon Lil´Gun and H110 for Subsonic

Post by dpete » Fri Aug 19, 2022 6:57 am

I worked on using Lil'gun for 220 gr subs. It worked alright, but IMR 4227 was more accurate and ran cooler.

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