DIY Expanding/fracturing subsonic bullets

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Re: DIY Expanding/fracturing subsonic bullets

Post by anotherkelley » Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:56 am

threedogs wrote:I would use Hornady 90gr XTP bullet if available, I load them with trail boss to about 1000 fps and they shoot very well out of my ruger bolt action.
Have you recovered any of those or seen much expansion out of them?

Just curious because I've tested 90 & 100gr XTPs at sub speeds and they pass right through a water barrel... in one side and out the other (~20'') with no expansion.

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Re: DIY Expanding/fracturing subsonic bullets

Post by riude » Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:26 pm

anotherkelley wrote:
riude wrote:I've tried that, but it's not working with such soft lead bullet. Remaining "wings" are too weak.
Infact i had some fragmented in my suppressor :P
I think centrifugal force created in 1:7.5 twist barrel ripped wings off.
But beware, same thing happens if you make too deep cut when split in two.
10mm was too much, 8mm is ok. Of course it depends about alloy etc.

8mm is the deepest you've went without the petals breaking off as bullet exists the muzzle? Is this with both copper jacketed and cast bullets?

I saw mention of a 165gr cast - what other bullets have you modified and been pleased with the results?

This mentioned 165gr cast is only bullet, that gave me required 1moa constantly (100m=109yds).
Not a single jacketed bullet was accurate enough. Lapua scenar 10g was close. As subsonic.
Heavier bullets were awfull, 3-4 moa 10rds.

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