125 gr. Fiocchi sst.

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125 gr. Fiocchi sst.

Post by BOB567 » Sun Oct 06, 2019 11:06 pm

Got out and sighted in my pistol today. Running a Daniel Defense 10" upper. Started at 25 yrds. 5 shot 1 hole group. Moved it to 50, 10 shot group you could cover with a quarter. Plus the brass is reloadable. Sgammo had some in stock the other day. I ordered 15 boxes.

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Re: 125 gr. Fiocchi sst.

Post by plant.one » Mon Oct 07, 2019 10:59 am

the 125 sst is a fantastic bullet in the blackout world.

i cant recall anyone off the top of my head who's had much trouble getting it to shoot reasonably well in this caliber. Im glad you found a load your gun seems to like.

in general, my experience with the SST, the eld-m (amax) and the vmax bullets in multiple calibers are all pretty damn stellar. those 3 product lines are why the majority of the boxes on my reloading shelf are red.

we've got 4 different barrels in the family that the 165 sst run amazing in. My brother just finally let me do a load workup for his 30-06 700 BDL and the *WORST* group at 100 yds with that bullet could have been covered with a quarter. and we didnt even tinker with OAL games or anything. that gun's 20 years old.
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