*&%$#@ Ruger rant

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Re: *&%$#@ Ruger rant

Post by blaster » Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:08 pm

update- I ordered a rail mount made by GG&G. it attached using the Ruger mount slots cut into the receiver. it has 2 pins that go into the holes in the receiver and a weird method of attaching to the rail with 4 wide headed torx screws that clamped onto the rail. it actually worked good and I was able to sight in the Mini and shoot it some before it jammed. at first I thought a shell got knocked down into the action but when I looked, it was clear but the bolt was all the way back and wouldn't go forward. somehow the bolt latch had jammed the bolt open and it was farther back then it was supposed to be! :shock: on further inspection I could see that the bolt face was broken by the extractor and another place! :evil: I am not going to take it apart for further inspection (as much as I want to) but now I am going to have to ship it back to Ruger. what a pain in the ass. I have put tens of thousands or rounds through my 2 old 5.56 Mini 14s with 0 problems. this one is only about 3 years old. :cry:
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