My MCX integrally suppressed SBR build

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Re: My MCX integrally suppressed SBR build

Post by GIGANTORE » Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:07 am

hardcase wrote:
GIGANTORE wrote:Guess I should update with pics. Finally got my optic. Changed the suppressor cover.

Damn., still can’t post a pic
Do you have a parts list of the bigger items you can post? There are a couple things I see I'd like to duplicate.
Sorry for the slow response. I kinda forgot about this thread. Let me know what parts you’d like info on. This sbr has taken a different path. My goal is to make it as small as possible with the can. It’s becoming more of a gen 1 Rattler. Just picked up an Omega 9K can and a smaller/lighter folding stock from Parker Mountain Machine. The Omega should cut my OAL by 5”.


Pics above are with the Liberty Mystic X and the 6.75” barrel. The new configuration with the Omega can will be just under 5” shorter. I’m also deciding if I should get rid of the vortex AMG optic for something smaller. Thinking about the Aimpoint Micro.

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