advantages of 300 blk over 308

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Re: advantages of 300 blk over 308

Post by A-Game » Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:55 pm

AAC had a 1:7 twist .308 for the Remington action.

For ease of finding ammo NATO calibers is what you will find behind my steel door. Except for my one MOA Mosin Sporter. I don't fable in 7mm RUM, 300 win mag, .338, 6.5, ect.
An off the shelf Remington 700 SPS is not much more accurate than a SCAR 17 with a trigger upgrade. I did a comparison with a former Army Ranger who had taken the Army Sniper course.

One of the reasons I like the SWFA Quad MOA reticle is that it is the perfect super and sub reticle or if you shoot more than one weight super. You make a ballistic card for each weight bullet you shoot and you are good to make your adjustments with a one or two shot zero which should be just enough to foul a clean barrel to hunt or whatever your planned activity.

5.56 is the plinking gun to shoot cheap, train, and the "look how fast I can shoot"
300 Blackout is for whatever Dellet says it can do :mrgreen:
.308 is in my experience and opinion so have extreme penetration past 400 yards (more than 300 Blackout), stay supersonic past 1000 yards for more reliable hits at that distance (until Dellet posts is 1000 yard shooting recipe), but shooting subs is not as reliable as an in spec Blackout.

I'd rather carry a lighter weight rifle and ammo in the field because I'm not 21 anymore and haven't been for 15 years. And when my 4 year old gets tired he wants me to carry him too :lol:
I really really like .308 and 300 Blackout. I only have 5.56 for shooting cheaper.
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