Ruger American Ranch load development

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Ruger American Ranch load development

Post by Redmt » Sat Aug 08, 2020 11:27 am

I finally got the feed issues with my new RAR sorted out by ditching the AR style magazine well.
I did a barrel break in period followed by about 20 or so plinking shots all with copper Barnes and Hornady bullets. My development started at 16.6 grains of H110 and topped out at 20 grains. all the loads were "book loads" with the 110 gr. GMX and the Barnes TACTX.
Here's my results so far. All with the same H110 powder and COAL set to book specs. All groups at 3 shots each at 98 yds and velocity taken at 15 feet
GMX at 16.6 2160 fps 3"+ groups
GMX at 18.4 2290 fps 1.4" groups
GMX at 19.3 2375 fps 2.5" groups
TACTX at 18.2 2240 fps 1.4" groups
TACTX at 20.0 2370 fps 2.5" groups

What I'm seeing is that under 2300fps is the best so far. I have another RAR in .223/5.56 it will group at .75 all day long if I do my job. What should I expect from the Black Out? I don't want to keep searching for something that isn't there. 1" groups would be great but not totally necessary for a ranch gun.
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Re: Ruger American Ranch load development

Post by cwlongshot » Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:56 pm

If its brand new... Give it a chance. Shoot and clean it a couple four or six times.

Mine was about what you see maybe not as good.

Today its a HONEST 1/2 MOA GUN with loads it likes.

Here is a thread I started on another board. Hopefully something there will be enjoyable to you ... le.274000/

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