Thompson Center Conpass

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Re: Thompson Center Conpass

Post by bangbangping » Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:08 pm

rlandry6 wrote:
bangbangping wrote:
rebel wrote:The S-Tac 3-16x would be good on that.
12.9 ounces. :shock:

How do they do that?
23.3 oz according to Sightron's website.
Yeah, that makes more sense. I was looking at OpticsPlanet.

Edit: Just went back and looked. The specs are all messed up on opticsplanet. Apparently the scope is also 2 feet long. :lol:

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Thompson Center Conpass

Post by VickiFer » Fri Dec 20, 2019 6:27 am

I want to buy a used Thompson Center Contender G2 pistol. I intend to equip it with a .223 barrel and scope. I want one in good working condition, no defects. I am within 1 mile of the Oak Tree gun ranges in Santa Clarita, North of L.A. Call me if we can do a deal. Richard at 661-505-0760

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