Boyd’s stocks

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Boyd’s stocks

Post by cwlongshot » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:35 pm

I have had three of them. First was many moons ago and was fine zero issues.

Second was last year. MANY problems. Warping was biggest. I decided to overhaul it and so far (about 6mo or so) it’s fine. Shot well always shot well. With this revamp I chopped heck outta it sliming it down and shaving over a pound off. I also pillar bedded and glasses the tang. The gun really shoots well, But the barrel channel if FUGLY!

I’m wanting to work again with my RARR. It’s not gonna be a deer hunter so it’s super short stock isnt needed or actually wanted. But it’s 16” Bbl makes a reg stock look funny.

I just pulled the factory base off cleaned the holes and re mounted a set of Leupold Dual Dovetail bases in Red loc tite. Set rings to alignment on greased dovetails and installed a Redfield Widefield 6x scope.

Has any of you guys seen this “SPIKE CAMP” stock? Looks like it might fit my needs.

My RARR is a early gun and has the rotary magazine. (Never any issues)

I wanted a MagPul but for all the magazine issues I’ll pass...

Ares SCR 300 BLK
TROY "other" 300 BLK
DSI based build w/18” 300 BLK (Neutered fixed mag)


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