New 20 rd Pmags vs old 20 rd Pmag

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New 20 rd Pmags vs old 20 rd Pmag

Post by Baltimoreed11754 » Wed Dec 18, 2019 11:17 pm

I bought a couple of Gen3 pmags from midway to compare to my Gen2 pmags recently as I’m having issues with them occasionally. I’ve trimmed the ridges on my gen2’s but have had a couple of times when the bcg wouldn’t pick up the rd because it was tilted down in the back. I’m going to swap followers around and try the G3 in the G2. Taking them apart I see a big difference in the followers. The 3 has bigger legs front and back which is probably why the length of the mag was increased 1/2 inch. The new follower should not tilt with the longer legs in the back, it will be forced to stay square to the front and rear of the magazine body. The spring is slightly heavier wire with 15 coils in the G3 while there are only 10 coils in the G2. The internal base plate on the G3 has a wide leg on the front and back while the G2 has no legs and, the 3 plate won’t fit in the G2 body. The slide on bases or protective covers won’t swap. I think the G3 mag is a bit wider than the G2. The G3 follower and spring will slide into the G2 body but the follower is rubbing a little but then it rubs in the G3 body too. I’ve only shot few rds from the G3 so nothing to report there. I will take pictures tomorrow. I would like to get G3 followers for my G2s as I think they are better but with the longer legs you might loose a round or two.
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Re: New 20 rd Pmags vs old 20 rd Pmag

Post by Clare44man » Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:33 pm

I have been told that the new 20 round magazines use the same spring as the 30 round versions....

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Re: New 20 rd Pmags vs old 20 rd Pmag

Post by ThreeHundredBlackout » Sat Feb 01, 2020 6:45 pm

I only have gen 3 pmags and have not had to alter them, never had any problems yet to date, but just to be safe i have some blk out pmags for subs and some lancer l5 and l5 300 blk, but back on topic....i run everything through my g3 20s and no problems and mainly use the g3 30s for supers.
If i have any problems ill report back.
I cant comment on the g2s as i dont have any myself.
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