my 300 blk eats its own poo

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Re: my 300 blk eats its own poo

Post by 308loader » Tue Nov 19, 2019 7:18 pm

Well, I'm back monkeying with the blackout upper. Took the gasblock off and noticed it may have twisted after install. I did my best measurements and guestement on the alignment. the installed gasblock didn't work with the dimple in the barrel, seemed proper alignment was behind the dimple installed by previous owner or manufacture. made several rough measurements to determine this, at the time I was not aware that some one made a simple plastic tool for this. it would seem the installed gasblock migrated towards the dimple. this explains why the first firings worked fine and then slowly degraded onto a consistent FTE. when I gave up on it, it would eat a case after almost every fired round, just enough gas to almost cycle, strip a round and push it forward then catch the spent case, as it did not have enough energy to toss the case clear of the action. at least at this point that's what my thought process is.
lucky for me the previous owner still had the original gasblock socked away (that might align the gas hole proper with the dimple) installed this block and seem to be back in busyness. fired 100 rounds last weekend (handloads and box ammo) only caught one by the mouth in the action. will try this set up with the cheap H3 buffer to see if averages improve (1 in 99 is better than before).

Work in progress, still learning every day. :P

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