Barnes VOR-TX 110gr - failure to expand

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Re: Barnes VOR-TX 110gr - failure to expand

Post by 0uTkAsT » Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:08 pm

BlogSarge wrote:
bangbangping wrote:This has been my experience. Mine have gone anywhere from 10 to 60 yards. Blood trail is fair but the lung area is like jelly once I dress them out. I'm going to try a few high neck shots. A CNS shot will drop them immediately.

I've never recovered a bullet either. I do behind the shoulder shots and the bullets go right through regardless if I hit any ribs.
My experience mimics yours as well. High neck shots that sever the wind pipe and break the spinal cord will drop the animal where it stands, but it can take a while for them to expire. Behind the shoulder shots usually require me to track the animal 25-75 yards, but it seems as though the animal expires more quickly. I'm not sure which causes more adrenaline to pump through the animal, or if it doesn't matter. I've never had a round not pass through, so I've never recovered a bullet, but I do like that solid copper bullets (in general) have good terminal performance on organ tissue, but do not cause excessive loss of meat with explosive exit wounds like fragmenting or soft lead core bullets do.

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Re: Barnes VOR-TX 110gr - failure to expand

Post by Whole Bunches » Sat Nov 19, 2016 5:55 pm


From the internal damage I've seen on whitetails, I am confident the Barnes 110gr blacktips did expand on the ones I've killed with double lung shots, but they do run about 50yd. On neck shot whitetails they drop right there. No Barnes bullets recovered from whitetails.

First Barnes 110gr blacktip shown above was a shoulder shot on a boar. Bullet stopped at shield on opposite side. One petal broke off. Don't remember the exact distance or exact size of the boar, but it would've been around 200 lb (from the picture of him) and around 50yd (from the distance I try to get from them).

Second Barnes 110gr blacktip shown above was a forehead shot on a 171 lb boar at 38yd. Bullet went through skull, neck, and stopped even with the shoulder. It lost all its petals. Here's a video of him

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