Discussion about rifles in 300 AAC BLACKOUT (7.62x35mm), hosted by the creator of the cartridge.

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1. Please keep it clean:
It is not necessary to use foul language. What we consider to be lewd or inappropriate are the same things that the major broadcast television networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) do. This not only means no cussing but also means no sexually or violent graphic pictures, racial jokes, etc. Just imagine that everything that you say is like public speaking to a group of thousands of people, because it is.

2. Maintain a good fellowship with others:
Members should treat each other as they would like to be treated themselves. Name calling, flame posts, racial slurs, and other insulting remarks meant to cause conflict will not be tolerated. You should always try to maintain good fellowship with the other members of this community and be respectful to your fellow shooting enthusiasts whether they are new shooters or seasoned veterans. Do not belittle the new member even if he has come here to ask the same question that has been asked 1,000 times before. Try to help if you can but if you can’t then leave them as you found them.

Debate is welcome and even encouraged, but you must always stick to attacking the issues rather than the person or profession. Personal attacks, and name calling, serve no legitimate purpose in the exchange of good information. Keep in mind that in life there is no guarantee that others will agree with, or even like, you. You absolutely must try to handle disagreements, criticisms or opposing viewpoints with tact and maturity.

Additionally, there will be no bashing of Law Enforcement. It is fine to post legitimate stories about Law Enforcement but only if it is related to firearms or the 2nd Amendment. If the intent of the post is to prove there are some bad cops out there then do not post it because we all know that all professions, including LE, have bad apples. If the sole intent is to show LE in a bad light then don't post it. If it is negative but has merits for discussion then post it but only if it involves Firearms or the 2nd Amendment.

3. Information between members:
You cannot always trust load data from non-professional sources. Because this site is predominately for the free exchange of information between members they must try to post correct information. Please do not take wild guesses that might result in another member becoming injured. Never intentionally post information that might cause injury to others. And it is not the responsibility of this site to ensure the information is correct and safe, that responsibility falls upon the user of the information. Ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure the information is safe or legal.

4. Do not discuss illegal activities of any sort:
Illegal activities should never be discussed here. This includes but is not limited to discussion of ways to circumvent laws or regulations, unless of course, they are legal ways.
Obviously a web community centered upon firearms ownership will have members from various local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies. And our board may be monitored by those same agencies or officers. Don’t put them in a position to have to do something professionally about something stupid that you did or are going to do.

5. Observe all laws:
A sales of firearms should be done in accordance with the Law. Out-of-state transfers must be coordinated through Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer in the buyer’s state at a minimum. But also be aware some FFL’s will not accept firearms from individuals.

6. Use of the Classifieds forums:
The Classifieds forums is our online equivalent of the Classified Ads pages of your local newspaper. They are made available to our members free of charge.

Because our classifieds forum is free, we ask that members do not post their items for sale anywhere else on the board.

And finally, absolutely no thread crapping. If you know where someone can find that item for less money, it is not appropriate to post that into someone else’s ad.

By using the Classifieds forums to buy or sell merchandise, you understand that you assume the burden of following all local, State and Federal laws pertaining to the transaction. This site, its staff and owners cannot be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by the result of any transaction made between buyer and seller.

7. Privacy:
Do not post the personal contact information of another member.

Do not post Private messages in a thread.

8. Grammar:

Not all word's ending in "s" need an apostrophe:
............(^ that is a joke).

http://grammar.about.com/od/punctuation ... trophe.htm

9. Spelling:

It is "muzzle brake," not "muzzle brake."

10. Links to products:

You may only sells guns and ammo in either the classified section, or in a dealer/manufacturer section. You may only direct people via links to guns and ammo for sale in either the classified section, a dealer/manufacturer section, or in the New Products/Good Deals section.

Rules subject to change and update, without notice.
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