RUAG Swiss 300BLK

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Mas Casa
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RUAG Swiss 300BLK

Post by Mas Casa »

I received an add for this in my email last week. Looks interesting, especially with them using a 17.7" barrel. ... -over-150/
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Re: RUAG Swiss 300BLK

Post by ShootNstuff »

Looks pretty cool. I wonder what the expansion threshold is.
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Re: RUAG Swiss 300BLK

Post by dellet »

RUAG Swiss has been the major (maybe only) ammunition manufacturer for 300 whisper in Europe since before 300 BLK hit the market. They do a lot for police and military.
Subs were expected to perform to 150 meters and supers to 300 meters. Plenty of info and old tests probably still on the web if you search RUAG 300 Whidper.

Good ammo, generally only shows up here during shortages.
300 Blackout, not just for sub-sonics.
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